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• 1/4/2014

Save the human race...

Ayu mentioned to Ango, she would choose him for being the father of her children...But if there are few humans, shouldn't  every woman  procreate with every man? If it is one woman+one man= there would be  incest in the 3. or 4. generation!

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• 1/5/2014

True enough. Maybe the author didn't think about that yet? But, oh well, in the long run there would be certainly incest of some sort in any way because 30 people likely just aren't enough to form a genetically healthy pool.

A slightly illogical point indeed, but oh well - just how 'logical' are meteorite armageddons and 'cyrogenic sleeping' down at the sea's bottom, to begin with, anyways? ;-) Let's just enjoy 7 Seeds and try not to think too much about the sanity or insanity of the storyline XD

• 1/5/2014

I mean I get about the "mundanes" to think about a life patner/marriage etc. but this came from Ayu! Surprise!

By the way Ayu didnt told this Ango, but Taka...my fault T-T

• 1/5/2014

Well, it was ingrained into the Summer A candidates that they should look for suitable candidates to sire healthy and strong children for the New World. Ayu also looked at this matter from an entirely logical and love-less point of view. She didn't dislike Taka, and he seemed to be a strong and capable partner to her.

I mean, that also was the purpose of the entire 7 Seeds project: to live, survive and leave behind descendants so that Japan could be revived again.

• 6/16/2014

I agree with ysaye. from my understanding, the 'survival' in summer A's point of view is not the 'survival of the group' or 'survival of japan' it's just 'survival of self'

they are taught to abandon member of the group if they lower their chance of survival. As for the incest concern. believe it or not, it's not a big deal as you think it is. Egyptian dynasty have practiced incest for millenia between brother and a sister. suprise suprise, they didn't just die off because of their deformality, even after thousands of years. Beside, marriage between cousin was the norm even in darwin's days. 

I do not think "having children with as many man as she can" is a good idea at all. When you settle into a new inviroment, there's limited amount of resources, as well as high risk of danger. Having a lot of vernerable children and pragnant women around will greatly decrease the change of survival. (producing children cost a LOT of energy) so women need to be picky about her mates and limit the number of offsprings. 

Think about it this way. Why aren't all the members of team summer A having sex and raising children right now? why do they think that kurumi's pragnancy was too risky?

• 7/5/2014

Hmm.. guess you're right about the problem with the safety for mothers and children. It's still a very instable lifestyle they're leading - just look at how many troubles they have just finding a suitable childbirth giving environment for Kurumi!

Concerning the incest thing - well, I'm no scientist, so I'll just leave it at that. The thing about the cousin marriages is true, after all.

Anyways, I just LOVED the hilarious moment when Ayu "proposed" to poor Aramaki! I still keep on grinning just thinking about it ...  ^,^

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